Please indicate your intention to attend the reunion in August 2023


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  1. Did you get your reunion notice/postcard. It will take the Postal Service time to deliver some of those post cards. Please let us know one way or another by text, DM or Facebook that you got it and if you “plan” on attending or not. Thank you everyone for your help.

  2. August is fast approaching. The contact committee would like to have anyone that has received a reunion postcard notice and would like to attend, please us email so that we will be able to update our class attendance listing. If you want a Registration form sent to your inbox, send the email request to Tom Ferelli, Dale Keklock, Guy Juliano or if you have Kathy Gilroy Cicilioni’s email, you can ask her to send one. Thanks.

    • Thanks John. If you need a Registration form, there is one on FB page and I can also send you one as well. Let me know. The registrations are slow but coming in and we need to make sure we have a good count by July 23rd or so. Even if you miss that date by a day or so, NO worries. Tom

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