What is on the Menu and in the Venue

To our friends and classmates of the Class of 73. We have a great venue planned that includes food, music and beverages. Not to mention there will be a lot of trips down memory lane as well. We have had over 50 folks already indicate that they are interested and will be coming into the 50th Reunion. For those traveling in from outside NEPA, we are researching a nearby Hotel that might give us a great rate and provide those traveling in a place to stay. Please send in your money and registrations by July 23rd to ensure that we have enough for everyone. The food caterer, Fiorelli’s, will be expecting payment and the music DJ will also want to get paid at least 30 days before the August 19th date.

For the price at $35.00 per person, the reunion committee will be able to provide food and beverages for all of those who attend. To give you an idea of the menu, the following is provided:

Salad with salad dressings.

Penne Pasta with Red and Vodka sauces.

Chicken Scampi.


Sausage and rice.

Roasted Potatoes.

Green Beans.

Water and soda.

For adult beverages, we will have it as BYOB.

Thank you and PLEASE contact your Classmates that are not on Facebook or other Social Media platforms. Call them and also ask that they network to make this a well attended event.

There is only one 50th class reunion and only one chance to experience it. We look forward to be able to see as many friends as possible.